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Röd/Svart inredning
Manuell 5-vx
14.355Km! 8.920Miles!

Helt unik De Tomaso Pantera med endast 14.355Km !! Bilen är helt i originalskick förutom en proffessionell omlackering i originalkulör. Motor 5.8 L (351 cu in) Ford Cleveland V8 med 330 Hk. Se beskrivning nedan:

Pantera #4145 was produced in 1972 and was for sale at PI motorsports ( ) with 8188
miles ( 13 100 km ).
The sales pitch was like this:
“You can reverse engineer a used Pantera and attempt to create a very original car like this one. You
would probably spend more than the purchase price of the car to do it, if you are lucky and
conceivably end up with a car that doesn't start to approach the quality of this one.
We have been offering Panteras for sale for over a decade and we seldom find a car with less than
10,000 miles on it. We feel this is a unique opportunity for an enthusiast desirous of finding a stock
car in superior condition. This is not a "car in the barn" either, the current owner has driven the car
and logged several thousand miles since he purchased it, although mostly on short drives.
This car even smells new inside and the interior, other than the radio and a digital gauge looks just
like the original Pantera brochure.
The engine and engine room is very tidy and well presented. Add a set of Arrivas and this car is sure to
steal the hearts of Concours judges.”
The car was documented with a large number of photos ( included ). I purchased this car and had it
shipped to Stockholm.
Since then it resides in my garage, being nursed and doing a few outings on dry roads every year
having added only 800 miles to the meter.
Pre History
I contacted the former owner and PIM to find out more about the history:
This is what I know
In the 80/90ies it was in a museum/private collection. In 1999 it was then commissioned to PIM to be
sold. Mr Mark Fricker , bought the car and kept it in his workshop where he was working on drag
When purchasing the car he made the following to the car
 New radiator ( original type )
 New drive shafts ( original are with the car )

 New Coil overs ( original are with the car )

After that the he drove it a few 1000 miles, but then he car was mostly sitting in his workshop under
a cover until it again was commissioned to PIM in 2007 to be sold ( to me ).
When I received the car it was obvious that it had not moved for a while. The brakes partly stuck and
the carb was leaky.
I restored the brakes and brake hoses. The carb was also restored and verified to be an original and
matching number for the production year. All fluids were changed.
The rear and front lenses where change to European standards ( the American lenses comes with the
car )
Since then it has passed the MOT every time.
At a later time, the anti roll bushings were changed and all front and rear end bushings, since the
rubber was aging. A part from that regular checks and fluid changes are done to keep it in perfect
driving condition. The paint has also been treated by a professional.
The car is very original. Motor and gearbox are of course matching numbers. The paint has been
redone at some point, probably more than 25 years ago.
Those things which are not original are:

 Left Side mirror ( I have however a correct one )
 Temp gauge is digital ( I have the correct one )
 Coil overs are after market ( I have the original ones )
 Drive shafts are a later stronger variant ( I have the original ones)
 The original speedo is in the car. A insert has been done to change the reading to
km/h. The milage is still counted in American miles though to keep track of original
milage. A European meter comes with the car but is not mounted. Current milage
is a little more than 8900 miles ( 14 240 km )
 The AC compressor is changed but not activated ( the belt is disconnected )

Swedish papers.
Copy of American papers are also available.
A set of spares for future maintenance comes with the car.
The car comes with two sets of original keys.

Varios documents, tech manual, etc..


De Tomaso Pantera OBS! 14.355Km


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